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New Holland GENESIS T8 with PLM Intelligence

May 05, 2020

Video: New Holland GENESIS T8 with PLM Intelligence

Drew Ferrier, Global PLM Product Marketing Specialist with New Holland provides an overview of the New Holland GENESIS T8 with Precision Land Management (PLM) Intelligence. The system is fully customizable and user friendly and fully integrated with the tractor radio controls, climate controls, etc. The screen showcases all mapping functions, such as guidance lines and nudge trim, customize screens, remote display. Dealers can update software remotely instead of having to go to the dealer for the update. My PLM Connect portal which features key tabs of information, Fleet Tab with vehicle information, Map View to see your vehicles (including starting a remote display session), Farm Tab allows farmers to see yield data on a combine or on a tractor they can obtain guidance lines, and the Data Tab is used to connect to third parties. It’s a precision agriculture farmers dream come true.