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Overview of the Trimble GFX-350

Apr 21, 2020

Video: Overview of the Trimble GFX-350

Jesse Chisholm, Director of Sales – North America Agriculture for Trimble shares information with about the new GFX-350 Display. The display was designed for those farmers just beginning to utilize precision agriculture techniques. The Trimble GFX-350 is easily installed and provides farmers with autosteering and application control across all brands of farm equipment.

The Trimble GFX-350 features a new easy-to-use 7” (17.8 cm) high-definition color touchscreen display which runs a PIQ android-based firmware package. This enables farmers new to precision agriculture to input simple tasks and to work on the field right away, without the need to learn advanced features. For those well-versed in precision agriculture, it allows for more complex tasks as well.