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Meridian Manufacturing - Seed Tenders

Mar 18, 2020

Video: Meridian Manufacturing - Seed Tenders

Lewis Wenell, Sales Manager, Meridian Manufacturing Inc. provides an overview of new and enhanced products for 2020. A large seed tender like the 405 Seed Tender line helps farmers to be more efficient in short planting windows. Recognizing that farms come in a variety of sizes with a variety of needs, the Meridian Seed Tender lines goes from a two pro-box unit to the 405 Seed Tender unit , with a number of variations in between. Seed tenders help producers to load seed into planters or drills, thereby decreasing the downtime in the field, keeping tractors and planters moving. The company’s roots are based in rural Manitoba, but Meridian Manufacturing is now based in Camrose, Alberta, with sales in the United States as well.