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2024 NFU convention charts course for farming advocacy


Concluding its 2024 Convention, the National Farmers Union (NFU) has laid down a robust framework of policies and special orders of business, charting a course for effective advocacy on behalf of the nation's family farmers and ranchers. In a year anticipated to bring significant challenges, including declining commodity prices and the impacts of climate change, the NFU's actions are timely and crucial. 

NFU President Rob Larew underscored the importance of the organization's grassroots policy-making process, which allows for a member-driven approach to shaping the NFU's advocacy efforts. This year, the delegates' focus resulted in the adoption of six special orders of business that include: 

  • Advocating for fairness in the agricultural sector 
  • Influencing the 2024 Farm Bill to support family farming 
  • Enhancing the farm safety net for robust support 
  • Emphasizing conservation practices in family farming 
  • Seeking dairy policy reform for family farms 
  • Promoting the cooperative business model in line with the International Year of Cooperatives 

These targeted priorities reflect the NFU's commitment to addressing the nuanced needs of family farmers and ranchers. By focusing on policy changes that promote fairness, sustainability, and resilience, the NFU aims to ensure that family farmers and ranchers not only survive the present challenges but thrive in the years to come. The adopted policies and orders are a testament to the NFU's strategic approach to advocacy, poised to make significant impacts on the agricultural landscape. 

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