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2024 Spring turkey season safety guidelines released


With the 2024 spring turkey season approaching, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is calling on hunters and all who enjoy public lands to practice enhanced safety from April 17 through May 28. The overlap of hunting and recreational activities in shared spaces raises the necessity for increased awareness and safety.

Hunter camouflage, crucial for successful turkey hunting, poses a significant safety concern as it makes the hunter less visible to others, potentially leading to dangerous situations. To combat this, Lt. Michael Weber, DNR Hunter Education Administrative Warden, reminds hunters to always confirm their targets before shooting to ensure it is a turkey and to assess the safety of their shot.

Colors such as red, white, and blue should be avoided since they could lead to misidentification, with others possibly mistaking a hunter for a turkey. It's also important to not overuse camouflage in a way that could block one’s own view.

Hunters are encouraged to maintain a clear field of view at all times, even when using man-made blinds or netting. The visibility of gear, particularly items that could be mistaken for part of a turkey, like certain decoys and calls, should be controlled.

Following these guidelines, recommended by both the DNR and the National Wild Turkey Federation, can significantly reduce risks and enhance the safety of everyone enjoying the outdoors during the turkey season. These practices help ensure that all involved have a safe and enjoyable experience in Wisconsin's beautiful natural landscapes.

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