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$7.3 million coming to Florida for pest and disease management

Florida’s agriculture industry worth about $120 billion

By Diego Flammini,

Farmers and agricultural professionals in the Sunshine State are being given 7.3 million reasons to smile as the Farm Bill is providing them with the resources needed to help fight pests and other diseases that put their agriculture industry in danger.

“From citrus greening to giant African land snails and many others, pests and diseases are major threats to Florida agriculture,” said Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam. “This funding will help prevent the spread of pests and diseases throughout the state and help keep Florida's $120 billion agriculture industry going strong.”

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service released the list of funded programs that will be part of the $7.3 million, including:

  • Giant African land snail mitigation
  • Detector dog inspections
  • Enhancement of pest detection in high-risk marina/canal systems
  • Collaborative efforts for education and regulation of activities between Florida, California and Hawaii
  •  Researching and developing better citrus health and clean germplasm
  • Mitigating varieties of pests including the Asian giant hornet, invasive snails and slugs, exotic whiteflies, brown marmorated stink bug and cactus moths

Florida ranks first in the United States in production of oranges. In 2014 they harvested more than 418,000 acres of land, averaging around 250 boxes of oranges per acre at a value exceeding $1 billion.

Join the conversation and let us know, as a farmer from Florida, how you feel about receiving this money from the government? Are there any other initiatives not listed that you think require attention?

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