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Ag department starting gas station sticker campaign

Ag department starting gas station sticker campaign

The campaign reminds drivers not to leave children or pets in hot cars

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A state agriculture department has started a campaign to raise awareness about a serious summer issue.

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture recently launched a gas pump sticker initiative for the summer driving season.

Gas pumps across the state will have stickers on them reminding drivers not to leave children or pets in a hot vehicle.

“This is just a PSA, something for us to be able to help make sure that people across the state, whenever they’re pumping their gas, that they get an extra awareness to check in the back seat of the vehicle,” Agriculture Commissioner Jonathan Shell said in a Facebook video.

Kentucky gas station sticker

A state trooper appearing in the video also reminded drivers to lock their cars to prevent any children from entering and getting stuck in an unlocked vehicle.

People may scoff at the notion of themselves forgetting a young child or pet in a hot car, but it does happen.

On average, 38 kids under the age of 15 succumb heatstroke as a result of being left in a car, the National Safety Council says. In 2023, it happened to 29 kids.

The inside of a locked car can become extremely hot in a short period of time.

The CDC estimates that on an 80-degree day, a car’s temperature can reach 109 degrees after 20 minutes, and about 118 degrees after 40 minutes.

For context, a steak cooked rare has an internal temperature of about 125 degrees.

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