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AGCO introduces new piece of equipment

AGCO introduces new piece of equipment

The Fendt Rogator applicator can convert from dry to liquid application

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

An equipment manufacturer is bringing a new piece of equipment to market in time for the 2022 season.

AGCO recently introduced its new Fendt Rogator 900 series applicator to farmers in North America.

What sets this equipment apart from others is its ability to be used all year round, said Craig Jorgensen, application national accounts manager with AGCO.

“This is a new idea from the ground up,” he told “It’s a machine that can work in every month of the year if a farmer or ag retailer wanted it to.”
This line of equipment will have five models: the Fendt Rogator 932, 934, 934H (high clearance), 937 and 937H. The lineup will also have a power range from 315 – 365 hp and working widths between 27 and 40 metres (90 to 132 feet)."

With the push of a button, models can adjust between standard and high clearance. And they can convert from liquid to dry applications in under two hours.

The liquid tanks will have maximum capacities ranging from 3,400 to 4,900 litres (900 to 1,300 gallons) and the AirMax Precision R1/R2 pneumatic system tank has a maximum capacity of approximately 275 cubic feet. The dry spinner spreader systems will come in one-, two- and four-bin configurations up to 330 cu ft.

And customers are allowed to combine different tank sizes with different models.
This flexibility allows the Rogator to be used for a variety of applications, Jorgensen said.

“You can do pre-season applications in liquid or dry, early season applications in liquid or dry, late-season applications in liquid or dry and post-harvest fertilizer as well,” he said. “No matter what time of year it is, this machine can make an application to give a farmer or an ag retailer a better return on investment.”

Another feature of the 900 series is its reversible fan.

The high clearance  models will come with the ability to program the fan to operate in reverse.

“This reduces the amount of time a farmer has to spend maintaining the radiators on the machine,” he said. “It doesn’t eliminate the maintenance, but it reduces the driver’s workload.”

The Fendt Rogator 900 series will also be the only high clearance chassis on the market that is a rear boom.

This comes with some advantages, Jorgensen said.

“We feel this has agronomic, efficiency and safety advantages for the operator,” he said. “With a typical machine with a front boom you’ve got more product rubbing onto your clothes or (the boom) is hitting tassels and knocking things out of place. The rear boom helps make for a safer working environment and less down time.” 

“With a rear mounted boom, we don’t get spray covering the machine during application. This becomes a safer environment for the applicator. He/she is not touching contaminated surfaces as they climb onto the machine or rubbing against a contaminated surface with their clothes and bringing that chemical into the cab environment with them.” 

“Our Liquid Logic system with full boom recirculation is carried forward from our RoGator C series. Providing the same agronomic and environmental advantages with some enhancements to provide operators more automation so complete rinsing can be accomplished from the cab.” 

Pricing information will be available in October and first deliveries of high clearance models are scheduled next spring.

The Fendt 900 series Rogator will also be available in a standard height configuration (56- to 60-foot clearance) for areas where farmers don’t need the high clearance flexibility, Jorgensen said.

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