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Agriculture Apps - Powerful New Tool For Farmers.

Powerful New Technology On The Farm, Agriculture Apps For Your Smart Phone.

By Joe Dales,

If you mention powerful farming tools to most people, they will think of tractors, combines or other heavy machinery. But the smart phone or tablet is becoming an essential part of every farmer’s tool kit and new software applications or APPS are making those phones even more useful.

“Farmers are rapidly adopting mobile apps for everything from checking futures market prices, creating production records and searching for used farm machinery ,” said Darren Marsland, Vice President of Technology at Ltd.

“The smartphones and tablets are ideal for farmers as mobility is critical in the day to day operations,  so  the development and use of agricultural mobile applications makes sense,” Marsland mentions. “ Only a few years ago, farmers often had note books scratched full of information. Today, that task can be accomplished with an app. Electronic recordkeeping for crop and livestock production can now be done on the go without the need to re-enter or upload data back at the office.”

Apps are a powerful reason to use smartphones and tablets and the number of Smartphone apps available for farmers and ranchers is growing rapidly.

With this in mind, has created an online directory of agriculture apps that will help farmers quickly find the apps that will help them get the most out of their smartphone accessing information they want. The sheer number of available apps can make many users feel overwhelmed by the choices and they don't know where to begin. This can be especially true of the owners who just bought a smartphone for the first time.  Some of the best apps available are for markets, news and weather, weed identification, nutrient removal by crop, planting population calculator, drainage tile calculator, and more.

With the popularity of the Used Farm Equipment App,  the IT team at put together this powerful search engine to help farmers find this and other useful farming apps that provide real value.

Visit the App Directory and look over the apps to can help you on your farm.

The site lists hundreds of agriculture apps and provides information on how to access and use them on your mobile device.  (Smartphone or tablet like an iPad)

Other apps available range from poultry flock management, frost alarms and other weather conditions, grazing, soil conditions, weed identification, feed rationing, irrigation system monitoring and agricultural auctions.  The list will continue to increase as new ideas are developed.

Click the following link to find the Agriculture Apps Directory and browse the categories of different apps..


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