Another 10 Throne Speeches Featuring Ag

Advance Payments

Advance Payments

Governor General Vincent Massey’s throne speech on Oct. 14, 1957 outlined Canada’s way forward under the leadership of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. The speech opened the only session of Canada’s 23rd Parliament.

The government promised to support farmers on multiple fronts.

“In order to assure to the farmers of Canada a fair share of the national income, (politicians) will be asked to enact a measure to provide greater stability in the prices of their products,” he said. “Every possible effort is now being made, and will continue to be made, to seek new markets for agricultural products as well as to regain those that have been lost.”

At the time, Prairie producers experienced financial constraints because of inaccessible markets. The government committed to creating a system to support farmers in this position.

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