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Artwork an Ontario producer can love

A new project celebrates Canada by bringing together the countryside and art

By Jennifer Jackson

The next time you drive through the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, be sure to look up – at the silos. A new project titled Popsilos brings together the worlds of art and agriculture to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, according to Jennifer Larocque, project manager of Popsilos.

The projects consists of five murals, painted on silos. The host sites encourage tourists to travel beyond the city, visit the farms and spend the day in rural communities.

Larocque developed the idea while travelling in Europe. She came across the Kelburn Castle – a tourist attraction in Scotland, which is covered in graffiti.

“We (Larocque and her husband) thought (the castle) was cool and unexpected, and wondered what we could do (in Ontario) that is as grand as that,” she says. “Having grown up in (this region), we know agriculture is important – it’s a farming region and we though silos would be an excellent canvas for the urban art.

“We could bring art to the countryside.”

The project is partly funded by a grant for Canada’s 150 anniversary. Each of the silos represents a theme, including hope for unity, environment, youth and diversity, to celebrate the country.

The farmers who offered up their silos are excited for the projects official launch on June 30.

One of these farmers is André Ouimet, who farms in Champlain, according to the Popsilos website. The silo on his farm (pictured below) features a painting of a young producer with a pitchfork in hand. This silo represents the youth theme.


Artists: Emmanuel Jarus and Zek One. Photo credit: Kris Murray.

“The (farmers) are absolutely thrilled – they are welcoming of visitors and want to share their stories,” says Larocque. “We hope the (project) puts our region on the map as a tourist destination – we want (those from the city) to see the murals and stop at producers’ farms and local attractions.”

More information about the silos and their locations is available on the Popsilos website


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