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Barley and oat producers will fly same flag as Grain Farmers of Ontario

Barley and oat producers will fly same flag as Grain Farmers of Ontario

Representation scheduled to start July 1, 2015

By Diego Flammini,

By Canada Day 2015, barley and oat producers could have new representation as they voted to join forces with the Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO), the organization responsible for looking out for the best interests of Ontario’s soybean, wheat, and corn farmers.

“We are pleased to announce that barley and oat production in Ontario is anticipated to be represented by Grain Farmers of Ontario by July 1, 2015,” said Barry Senft, CEO of Grain Farmers of Ontario in a press release. “These crops are important to the grain industry in our province and we are keen to provide value to Ontario’s barley and oat farmers in the areas of research, market development, and advocacy.”

How important are barley and oats to the province?

In 2013, almost 5 million bushels of oats were harvested, making up $19 million in production. On the barley side, nearly 7 million bushels were harvested at a total farm value of almost $30 million.

The decision for the barley and oat farmers to join the GFO comes as a result of a November 2014 survey conducted by the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission. 77% of farmers who participated voted in favour of being represented by the GFO.

Some of the goals the joint effort hope to achieve include investment research, market development, and relations between industry professionals and government officials.

There are district committee meetings upcoming for interested parties:

Tuesday, January 20
Country View Golf Course
25393 St. Clair Road, Oungah, ON

Wednesday, January 21
East Elgin Community Complex
531 Talbot Street West, Aylmer