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Black CVT tractors are turning heads at farm show

McCormick offering 50 limited-edition tractors

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

As farmers make their way through the London Farm Show they see lots of greens, reds, blues, oranges, and all the familiar paint colours.

But McCormick has unveiled a new, limited-edition matte-black tractor that really attracts attention.

“To make a splash we wanted to make something that would stand out,” said Sergio Correia on Thursday. Correia is marketing and product manager with McCormick.

McCormick tractor

“We are building 50 limited-edition black CVT tractors as a way of saying we’re on the market.”

How have farmers reacted to the black tractor?

“I’ve heard people call it a sexy tractor, which isn’t something you often hear about the equipment itself.”

The black tractor will come in two configurations – the X7.450 which comes equipped with 140 horsepower, and the X7.670, which gives farmers 175 horsepower.

Other features include a data screen manager terminal in the armrest, a flanged rear axle with 4-speed PTO system, a deluxe leather air-suspended seat and a 4wd front axle with automatic 4-wheel braking.

With so many farmers implementing precision agriculture into their operations, Correia said the tractor is well-equipped to communicate with various pieces of equipment.

“Anything that’s ISOBUS is plug and play,” he said.

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