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Mini track loader might retire your wheelbarrow and shovel

Bobcat loader has no issue with tight spaces on your farm

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

The ride-on platform makes it easy to get onto Bobcat’s mini track loader. But with all the improvements to the MT85 it might not be so easy getting a farmer to step down off it.

“This is a new, updated MT85 mini loader,” said Todd Way, Bobcat specialist, at the London Farm Show on Thursday.

There are a number of upgrades to the MT85 compared to previous models.

“It’s got a longer platform so it lifts a little more,” Way said. “Its lift capacity is 850 pounds compared to the old 550 pounds on the MT55.”

Bobcat mini track loader

Operators can now stand on a ride-on platform situated on the back of the machine.

Doing so can allow for a more comfortable working environment and gives the farmer a better view of the job at hand.

The controls on the machine have also been improved.

“There used to be a twisting arm action for turning,” Way said. “Now there’s joystick controls that makes it easier to operate.”

Way said early testimonials from customers show they’re saving time and money by using this machine on their farms.

“Farmers could use this to clean out small pens instead of using a pitchfork,” Way said. “It saves time and money by letting the machine do the job.”

Other features of the Bobcat MT85 include an attachment connection system that uses common industry attachment connections to swap out augers, buckets and other implements with ease.

Bobcat MT85 Specs:

- Rated operating capacity of 850 lbs. (385 kg)
- Operating weight of 3,110 lbs. (1,411 kg)
- Ground pressure with rubber tracks: 4.9 psi
- Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 12 gpm
- Width without bucket: 35.6 inches
- Width with bucket: 36 inches
- Lift height to hinge pin: 80.9 inches
- Horsepower: 25-HP

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