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Bourgault Industries Launches Innovative XP DUO Meter

Bourgault Industries Launches Innovative XP DUO Meter

New Dual Meter Technology Reduces Planting Complexity

By Ryan Ridley

One meter, two row units? 

Colin Rush of Bourgault Industries recently unveiled the XP DUO Meter, a brand-new planting innovation. 

This new product, described as a game changer in the industry, simplifies the traditional complexities associated with planting systems. 

Traditionally, each row unit on a planter required its own meter for seed counting. However, Bourgault has shifted this paradigm by introducing the XP DUP metering system. 

This new system reduces the number of meters needed by allowing two row units per meter, effectively cutting down the cost, complexity, hydraulic load, and electrical load associated with traditional systems. 

The XP DUO Meter features two outlets which manage the seed output for two row units simultaneously, utilizing 22 ejectors.  

This setup maintains the standard 99% singulation accuracy expected in planting technology, but accomplishes this with half the usual input. 

The technology incorporated into the XP DUO meter includes a quad plate for soybeans, which can manage four different rows. This design is adaptable for various crops by simple adjustments.  

For example, the dual meter can be easily configured for planting 7 1/2-inch spaced cereals like winter wheat or 15 inch spaced soybeans on Bourgault’s 3820 platform. The system also allows for quick transitions to 30-inch spaced corn with minimal adjustments. 

Its ability to adapt to different planting needs and soil conditions without requiring multiple specialized units makes it a valuable tool. 

“This is essentially becoming a bit of a Swiss army tool for most farmers as they look to chase things like cover crops and carbon credits but want the variability that they can have a no-till unit that can go into all conditions and not just have a double disc planter,” explains Rush. 

Bourgault’s development and testing of this product spanned over eight years, culminating in a robust platform that supports a variety of frames and spacing options, from 30 feet up to 60 feet.  

This innovation not only promises to transform how farmers equip their planters but also aims to significantly reduce the investment and operational costs associated with planting diverse crops. 

Colin Rush explains more on how it works in the below video. 

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