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Cadman Power debuts new continuous manure applicator

The equipment was revealed during the National Farm Machinery Show

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

Cadman Power introduced its new continuous manure applicator at the 2017 National Farm Machinery Show.

Producers hook the equipment up to a lagoon or frac tanks. Once it is hooked up to the tractor, it applied manure to row crop, allowing farmers to take advantage of the nutrients found in manure.

The equipment is also designed to extend a farmer’s season for manure application.

“Everybody’s always fighting that time window,” said Craig Cadman, vice president, operations, Cadman Power Equipment. “How do I get my manure out before I plant? After I’m done harvest? Am I going to have good enough weather before it starts snowing and freezing to get my manure out?

“This way, I’m applying manure all throughout the growing season. With corn you can go up to 4ft tall (and) with beans you can go all year long.”

Producers can choose between 30’ and 40’ wide injectors, galvanized wings and frames and a Vogelsang Dribble-Bar BackPack. But even various options and features, Cadman says making the equipment easy to use is paramount.

“When you make a turn, you hit one button and it does all the functions you need it to do,” Cadman said.


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