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Canada Funds $1.4-Million Project to Combat Listeria

Canada Funds $1.4-Million Project to Combat Listeria

By Amanda Brodhagen,

A new research project aims to develop more efficient ways to detect Listeria bacteria in food. In a joint partnership, Genome Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions will fund a $1.4-million project that will tackle decreasing the risk of foodborne illness caused by Listeria.

University of Alberta researchers will develop a genome map of Listeria strains to determine which strains most likely could be found in food processing and identify which strains also pose the greatest risk to human health.

"Through continued investments in science and innovation, we are creating opportunities to better identify and reduce risks for consumers, meaning safer food for Canadian families,” said Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz.

The genetic markers will be applied to identifying Listeria strains in food and processing facilities. This research project will enhance food safety for Canadians. "New Listeria detection tests that produce results quickly will allow food producers and regulators to act swiftly and provides assurance of an even higher level of food safety for Canadians," said Dr. Stan Blade, Chief Executive Officer of Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions.


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