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Pesticide Regulations Changing

Proposed changes boost transparency and protection 

By Jean-Paul McDonald

Canada is taking significant steps to reform its pesticide regulations, the government says the changes are to better protect the environment and public health.  

Announced by Health Minister Mark Holland, these proposed amendments to the Pest Control Products Regulations (PCPR) are a direct response to public and stakeholder feedback. 

The government's initiative aims to make the pesticide approval process more transparent, particularly concerning Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) on imported foods.  

This will allow Canadians earlier access to vital information and more opportunities to participate in decision-making processes. 

Key aspects of the proposed changes include easier public access to confidential test data and more detailed information requirements from applicants. This changes are of concern to the manufacturers.  

Health Canada is also bolstering its capabilities with additional funding, aiming to enhance the pesticide regulatory framework and promote sustainable agricultural practices.  

This includes ongoing reviews of emerging scientific data, ensuring that regulatory decisions remain grounded in the latest research. 

The government says there will be a collaboration among various federal agencies, including Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, underlines a unified approach to managing pesticide risks.  

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