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Canadian Canola Gets a Protein Boost


Canadian researchers are investing in the future of canola and sunflowers. A $31 million project led by Protein Industries Canada aims to develop high-protein canola and sunflower meal for various applications. This will increase the value of these crops for Canadian farmers and create new market opportunities. 

The project focuses on creating high-protein canola seeds that produce meals with more protein and less fiber. This meal will be ideal for animal feed, particularly for non-ruminant livestock and farmed fish.  

Additionally, researchers are developing new processing methods to create high-value products from canola and sunflower seeds, such as protein concentrates and oil bodies. These ingredients can be used in plant-based dairy and meat alternatives. 

This project is expected to benefit Canadian farmers by increasing the profitability of canola and sunflower production. It will also create new jobs in the agriculture and food processing sectors.  

This investment is part of a larger initiative by Protein Industries Canada to position Canada as a global leader in sustainable food production. By developing innovative new products from Canadian crops, this project will contribute to a more prosperous and sustainable agricultural industry. 

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