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Canola Eat Well video supports restaurants

Canola Eat Well video supports restaurants

A recent video from the Prairie partnership has gained thousands of views online

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Canola Eat Well, a partnership between Alberta Canola, Manitoba Canola Growers and Sask Canola, recently released a video that featured farmers from across the Prairies.

The video, which has now had tens of thousands of views across multiple social media platforms, encourages Canadians to support restaurants for Canada Takeout Day on Wednesdays by ordering food from their favourite places.

“Amazing restaurants buy (Canadian products) and support Canadian farmers on a regular basis. As farmers are heading out into the fields to start to grow another batch of ingredients for us to use, it was just a good reminder that we have healthy, safe and reliable food in Canada,” said Ellen Pruden, director of Canola Eat Well.

Staff at Canola Eat Well reached out to several farmers and asked if they wanted to participate in this video, said Pruden.

“All of them said yes and that was incredible. We were amazed that they were willing to step up, to share a message of hope and encouragement, and to recognize that … we're in it together. I think it's very Canadian of us in that we just really need to support each other and recognize that these are really tough times,” Pruden told

In total, 19 farmers from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and one from Ontario recorded short videos. Staff at Canola Eat Well compiled the submissions.

“Ideally, you want your video to be less than a minute but ours is over that. When all (the farmers) said yes, we were just like we love it, it has to just stay at that length. We hope that everyone watches it from start to end,” said Pruden.

She credited the farmers who took the time to participate in the video and who are now are sharing it among their communities via social media for the video’s growing reach.

“Canola Eat Well is about building bridges between farmers and consumers. This is a wonderful opportunity for farmers to connect with Canadians and our consumer population,” she said.

Canola Eat Well’s staff recognize that not everyone can order takeout during this time. However, they encourage those individuals and families who can to take part in Canada Takeout Day.

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