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Canola Seed Decisions for 2020 Crop Year

Feb 26, 2020
By Guest Contributor

Western Canadian farmers have new canola seed varieties to choose from this year

It’s that time of the year to start making planting and agronomic decisions for the upcoming crop year, and Western Canadian farmers will have a few new canola seed varieties to choose from in 2020.  The new 2020 canola varieties highlight disease resistance, yield benefits, and weed control.

Some of the new canola varieties feature disease resistance to both clubroot and blackleg, such as the new 1028 RR and 2028 CL canola from Brevant Seeds, for more information visit Brevant Seeds.

For farmers looking to increase their canola yields, BASF has introduced their new lineup of 300 series hybrids that combine the benefits of high yield, pod shatter reduction, and clubroot resistance. This new lineup from BASF includes InVigor L345PC, InVigor L352C, and InVigor Choice LR344PC. Visit BASF for more details..

This year DEKALB has introduced an innovative dual herbicide hybrid canola with both TruFlex with Roundup Ready Technology, as well as the LibertyLink trait - DKTFLL 21 SC.   New DEKALB canola varieties also include DKTF 96 SC, DKTF 98 CR, and DKLL 82 SC.  For more information visit DEKALB.

To find a comprehensive list of canola varieties available in 2020, visit CanolaWatch - an informative website  to help growers find information on canola seed selection, canola yield trial data, and canola production.

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