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Cattle birthing simulator on display at Agribition

Cattle birthing simulator on display at Agribition

The calf is placed in a different position during each birthing scenario

By Diego Flammini
News Reporter

Visitors at the Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, Sask. can experience first-hand what it’s like to birth a calf.

The Western College of Veterinary Medicine is displaying Agnes, a full-size and anatomically correct cow, to educate visitors about how veterinarians diagnose and assist live animal birthing.

With each birth scenario, the calf is positioned differently to simulate unique birthing conditions.

“We can use her … to educate … how to deal with any sort of malpresentations at birthing time,” Chris Clark, associate dean of the college of veterinary medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, told CBC yesterday.

To remove the calf from Agnes, participants pull on a chain that’s been attached to the calf.

 After the show, Agnes and her calf will head back to the University of Saskatchewan to help future veterinarians perfect the birthing process.

“In the past, we used other techniques to try and teach but this is certainly a cleaner and easier technique for us to train students (with),” Clark told CBC.

Agnes is part of Agribition’s education program, which is designed to teach children from kindergarten to Grade 6 about modern agriculture and where their food comes from.

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