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CFA joins Bioenterprise for Canadian ag innovation

CFA joins Bioenterprise for Canadian ag innovation

Partnering hopes to unite and strengthen Canada’s agri-food innovation. 

By Andrew Joseph,

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) has joined with Bioenterprise Canada as part of the country’s efforts to unite and strengthen agri-food innovation.

The CFA represents about 200,000 ag families across Canada, and is aware just how important continued innovation is to support sustainability, productivity, and global competitiveness for our country’s ag sector.

This partnership will aid the CFA in bridging connections to Canada’s innovation partners via Bioenterprise, which will help it keep its farmer base in the know about upcoming technologies and opportunities.

Mary Robinson, CFA President said: “As a group founded on the principle of speaking with a unified voice, we believe Bioenterprise Canada is playing an important role in bringing together what can otherwise be a fragmented innovation ecosystem. CFA looks forward to ensuring farmers have a strong voice in driving agricultural innovation and ensuring Canada has an environment conducive to the adoption of new practices and technologies.”

Calling itself Canada’s “food and agri-tech engine”, Bioenterprise Canada has over 15 years of industry experience and has compiled a national and international network of research institutions, academia, mentors and experts, government that it relies upon to help small- and medium-sized businesses in the sector nationwide “Connect, Innovate, and Grow”.

Dave Smardon, Bioenterprise Canada Chief Executive Officer added: “Farmers have a true understanding of the innovation needs on the ground and we welcome the opportunity to work more closely with the primary production sector so we can support and advance the new technologies and opportunities that will best serve the industry’s short and long-term success.”

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