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Attempted helicopter theft with a failed tractor getaway

Attempted helicopter theft with a failed tractor getaway

Ya gotta get it in gear, mate!

By Andrew Joseph,; Video from the Queensland Police

There’s planning a crime, and then there’s this:

On January 21, 2022 at 5:50AM, a thief in in South Mackay, Queensland, Australia broke into the Mackay Airport with the express intention of stealing a helicopter from a hangar.

After forcibly entering the hangar and triggering an emergency alarm to go off on the chopper, it caused the frightened, would-be thief to hightail it to the fastest available vehicle—apparently a small, red tractor.

After a few quick laps around the airway’s tarmac looking for a way past the fencing, our erstwhile criminal then attempted to use the tractor to break through the airport fencing—but was rebuffed.

Perhaps he couldn’t get it into a higher gear—driving a tractor isn’t like flying a helicopter. The tractor was unharmed, we assume.

The would-be helicopter/tractor thief then made his successful getaway on foot.

Check out the YouTube video below for the tractor run at the airport fence:

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