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Claas unveils new straw walker combines

Claas unveils new straw walker combines

These combines boast increased harvest efficiency and productivity, as well as several convenience features for operators

By Andrea Gal

Today, Claas of America launched its Lexion 6000 Series straw walker combine, which offers up to 25 per cent more throughput than the company’s 670 combine.

“Lexion combines have built a reputation for delivering increased harvest efficiency and productivity, saving fuel and grain, and driving down the cost of harvest for more than 20 years,” Blake McOllough, Claas’s combine product manager, said in a release. “Designed with efficiency in mind, the Lexion 6000 Series straw walker combine does that and more with new cutting-edge technology to keep operators harvesting acres in record time.”

The 6000 Series combines have standard 385-bushel grain tanks, which are the largest tanks available in their class. Farmers looking for longer intervals between unloading can opt for the 425-bu grain tank.

This significant storage capacity is paired with a new unloading system which offers a maximum speed of 5.1 bushels/second. Producers can use a half speed to easily finish filling a partially loaded grain buggy or transport truck. The grain handling system also has a clean-out feature.

Farmers can select between the 6900 or 6800 models. The 6900 has a 12.8 L MAN motor with up to 466 horsepower, while the 6800 has 10.7 L Mercedes-Benz motor with up to 402 horsepower.

Both models offer the new dynamic power feature, which optimizes fuel and power consumption. As a result, the 6000 Series combines use “up to 30 per cent less fuel than the competition,” the Claas brochure says.

The dynamic cooling package pulls in fresh, clean air from above the combine into the engine compartment and pressurizes the air. This system keeps the engine running cooler and keeps it cleaner, thus increasing maintenance intervals.

These combines also feature auto-loop systems, which continuously hit 74 grease points around the machines.

The 6000 Series boasts the industry’s fastest transport speed of 40 kilometres/hour (25 miles/hour), allowing farmers to reduce their travel time.

The cab design maintains clear sight lines. A new auxiliary mounting post allows the operator to keep additional displays within easy access but enables him or her to still see the full width of the header. The combine also have windshield wipers on both the left- and right-hand doors.

The 6000 Series offers features that provide operators with more comfort for those long days in the field. A new cellphone holder by the main display screen allows operators to see incoming text messages and voicemails, and an active refrigerator enables drivers to keep their food and beverages cold.

While the COVID-19 pandemic prevents Claas staff from exhibiting the 6000 Series combines at trade shows this summer, company representatives anticipate the machine will be on display at the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo. This event is scheduled for Nov. 11 to 13 in Red Deer, Alta.


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