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Conservatives launch carbon tax relief campaign

Conservatives launch carbon tax relief campaign

The campaign will include agriculture, the party says

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

The Conservative Party of Canada is taking aim at the carbon tax and how its affects Canadians, including farmers, in a new national campaign.

On Nov. 13, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre announced his party’s intention to raise awareness about the carbon tax and how it contributes to higher food prices.

The party provided detailed information a day later about the campaign, which will run on radio, TV and on digital platforms.

“The campaign will be focused on asking for fairness in carbon tax exemptions on home heating for all Canadians, and on raising awareness of the plight of farmers who pay the carbon tax on natural gas and propane, which drives up the price of food for Canadians who are struggling to pay for groceries,” a Nov. 14 Conservative press release says.

The party has so far made two English ads available.

One is geared towards farmers, truckers and grocers.

“Trudeau’s carbon tax on the farmer who grows the food and the trucker who ships the food is a tax on all who buy the food,” the ad says. “Now he wants to quadruple the tax. Had enough? Pierre Poilievre will axe the tax, so you pay less and bring home more.”

And the other is targeted at communities in northern Ontario.

Residents in Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie and North Bay will hear similar messages.

“Last week, Justin Trudeau and your Liberal MP voted to raise the carbon tax on your home heating,” the ad says. “Worse, Liberals want to quadruple the Trudeau tax - forcing seniors and struggling families to choose between eating and heating. So if your Liberal MP votes to leave you in the cold, why not vote him (or her) out of a job? Vote for Pierre Poilievre and the common sense Conservatives to keep the heat on, and take the tax off.”

The Conservatives also have an online petition available for Canadians to sign.

The petition calls on “all senators to fast track and pass (Bill C-234) to carve out Trudeau’s tax on our farmers and bring home lower food prices for all Canadians.”

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