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Dairy Farmers of Canada partners with Cineplex

Dairy Farmers of Canada partners with Cineplex

DFC’s Blue Cow logo will be featured in 60 theatres nationwide

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) is encouraging the country’s moviegoers to use real butter on their movie popcorn.

DFC has announced a partnership with Cineplex that will see the theatre franchise display DFC’s Blue Cow logo during movie pre-shows, on decals, in ads in the Cineplex Magazine and through other signage. The partnership, which launched on Canada Day, runs until June 2020 and will promote Canadian dairy farmers in 60 theatres across Canada.

Cineplex offers real butter at a cost but a “butter flavouring” for free.

“Cineplex customers can feel good about treating themselves to real butter on their popcorn, knowing it was made from 100 per cent Canadian milk,” Pamela Nalewajek, vice-president of marketing and strategic business development with DFC, said in a July 16 statement. “Over 80 per cent of Canadians now recognize the Blue Cow logo and what it stands for: high-quality milk produced by Canadian dairy farmers on small family farms, produced without the use of artificial growth hormones and free from antibiotics.”

Dairy farmers are pleased with the new partnership.

Getting DFC’s logo into the community will help customers support dairy producers, said Albert Leyenhorst, a producer from Dalmeny, Sask.

“The more people see the blue cow and make the connection between it and high-quality Canadian milk, the better off we are as an industry,” he told “The awareness is still growing, but this new partnership with Cineplex will help it move along.”

Leyenhorst has noticed a change in how some people buy dairy products.

Canadians started looking closely for local products after details of the USMCA trade agreement revealed Canada was giving up some of its dairy market.

“As the (USMCA) negotiations went on, a lot of people would only buy milk or butter with the blue cow on it because they recognize it as a symbol for Canadian milk,” he said.

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