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Egg Farmers of Ontario donates 1,250 dozen eggs to local food banks

Egg Farmers of Ontario donates 1,250 dozen eggs to local food banks

The Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank will receive 600 dozen eggs

By Diego Flammini
News Reporter

Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) is donating farm fresh eggs to three local food banks through its Help Egg Farmers of Ontario Beat Hunger campaign.

Through the month of October, communities across the province cast 40,000 online votes to maximize their local food bank’s chances of winning the donation.

The Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank in Cambridge, Ont. received the most votes and will welcome 600 dozen eggs to its Ainslie St. facility.

The food bank feeds more than 1,000 families every month, meaning this donation will go a long way towards help those in need, says Pat Singleton, executive director of the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank.

“We are over the moon, it’s almost hard to explain how excited we are,” she told today. “Our families might not have the income to buy things like eggs and meat, so this donation allows them to enjoy some of those products.”

The campaign also provides an educational component, which allows the food bank’s families to recognize that it’s farmers who are supporting them, she said.

“I saw a sign that said ‘if you ate today, thank a farmer,’” Singleton said. “I think we’re used to buying things in the store and we don’t realize where the food actually comes from.”

The EFO’s initiative also serves as a call to action to help families in need throughout Ontario.

If more communities hear about these kinds of donations, they may be inspired to donate to their local food banks, said Scott Helps, vice chair of the EFO board of directors and an egg producer from Lambton County.

“Food banks have their challenges and these initiatives are a good way to get (the message) out there that there are families in need,” he told today. “And the end result is a positive for everyone.”

The egg donations could also act as a conversation starter between producers and other consumers, Helps said.

“It’s a great way for farmers to give back to their communities,” he said. “If we can build these relationships and use information to spread the word about farming, it can be a great benefit all around.”

The Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank will welcome the eggs during a ceremony on Nov. 16 at 8:00 a.m. The food bank is located at 54 Ainslie St. South.

The other two recipients are located in North Dundas and Halton, Ont.

Winchester Community Food Share in Winchester, Ont. will receive 400 dozen eggs and Georgetown Bread Basket in Halton Hills, Ont. will receive 250 dozen eggs.


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