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Egg Farmers of Ontario invest $1 million into egg drug research

Egg farmers fund egg-derived depression drug solution

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A new antidepressant drug derived from eggs is getting support from egg producers themselves. Egg Farmers of Ontario announced the investment of $1 million in research and development funding to United Paragon Associations to fund clinical trials for an antidepressant drug that may see eggs as part of the solution to address depression.

The new antidepressant drug called Rellidep™ is being tested as an antidepressant drug for people who are suffering from depression. Some of the key ingredients of the drug come from eggs – which has the potential to increase the production and marketing of eggs in Ontario.

The funding dollars will partially fund the second phase of clinical trials for Rellidep™. Early tests of the drug indicate that it may be more effective than current antidepressants on the market.

Egg Farmers of Ontario represents roughly 440 egg and pullet farmers in the province and operates as an industry funded organization

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