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Farm & Food Care Ontario Form Focuses on Animal Welfare and Environmental Stewardship

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Animal welfare and environmental stewardship are considered buzzwords in agriculture and are important topics to understand. Farm & Food Care Ontario has planned a two day forum with the theme “Cultivating a Sustainable Future” which will address key topics – farm animal welfare and the environment.

Attendees will be given the opportunity to provide input into what they think are the main ingredients needed in order to ensure a sustainable farming future for Ontario. These discussions will be documented and will assist the organization in providing a framework for its two advisory councils.

The following is the breakdown of the two days of the forum:

Day One (Feb. 12) – Farm Animal Care
•Discuss the topic of euthanasia – Dr. Jan Shearer, Iowa State University

Day Two (Feb. 13) – Environmental Stewardship
•Discuss the topic of environmental stewardship as a shared responsibility - Yves LeClerc,  McCain Foods

More information about the forum can be found at:


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