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Farmer updates on Western Canada’s crops

Farmer updates on Western Canada’s crops

Some fields have received too much rain

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Farmers across Western Canada are monitoring their crops closely as they continue to grow before harvest. caught up with some producers from the Prairies to find out how crops are coming along so far.

Leonard Wiebe grows corn, wheat, oats, canola and soybeans near Carman, Man.

Overall, his crop conditions vary.

“I wouldn’t say the bottom end is terrible, but it varies from not so good to very good,” he told

Wiebe’s farm recently received enough rain to leave water standing in his soybean fields. And with more rain in the forecast Tuesday night and into Wednesday, he may not have an opportunity to spray crop protection products until the weekend.

“Getting a second pass of fungicide done is going to be the problem,” he said. “It’s too wet to get in the field now. If Saturday comes and there hasn’t been too much rain, hopefully we can get in and finish everything up.”

John Mandel produces barley, wheat, lentils, durum, canola and peas on his farm in Oyen, Alta.

The conditions in his part of the province have been “ideal,” and he hasn’t had to treat his fields for any weeds other than ones he regularly encounters.

But a fungicide application may be necessary for his lentils soon.

Because of the good growing conditions, lentil canopies are thick, which can make it difficult for the fungicide to protect the crop.

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