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Farmers’ Almanac forecasts ‘average precipitation’ for the prairies this spring

Farmers’ Almanac forecasts ‘average precipitation’ for the prairies this spring

Spring officially arrives on March 20

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Canada’s prairies should be in for a decent spring in 2023.

But first, Canadians in that part of the country will have to go through the “slush, mud and a surprise snowstorm or two,” the Farmers’ Almanac forecast for spring 2023 says. “And this season promises to comply.”

Spring officially arrives on Monday, March 20 at 5:23 p.m. ET (4:23 p.m. in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 3:23 p.m. in Alberta and 2:23 p.m. in B.C.).

Temperatures will rise slowly as April approaches. And that month will be a stormy one.

“We are calling it a ‘turbulent transition to warmth,’” the almanac says. “Overall though, spring should see near-normal temperatures.”

The forecasters with the almanac are forecasting a favourable spring for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The spring forecast is “near normal temps (and) average precipitation,” the forecast says.

For context, Alberta receives an average of 510 millimetres of rain annually, the Alberta WaterPortal Society says.

Moving further west to B.C., people there can expect “pleasant temps (and) normal precipitation,” the almanac’s spring outlook reads.

Once Canada moves into July, expect a rise in temperatures.

“As we make the astronomical transition to summer, the heat will turn on bigtime across much of the country as June winds down to a close,” the almanac says.

To find out what the Farmers’ Almanac forecasted for Ontario and the rest of Canada, click here.

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