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Farmers Hail Golden Coverage

Crop Insurance Claims Double in Saskatchewan from Hail Damage

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Hail storms have been the cause of grief for farmers in Saskatchewan whose crops have been damaged this week. Farmers whose fields have been damaged by hail are now making crop insurance claims. The damage is widespread in the Grain Belt region of the province which adds to the growing concerns of drought facing farmers in other parts of Canada.

“Normally, we would see 1,000 to 1,100 claims for the industry (by this time) and its 2,200 already," said Bantle, who is chair of the Canadian Crop Hail Association.

The negative crop impact that has plagued farmers is of great concern since storm season has just started. While farmers are concerned about their crops, the volatile weather is adding a boost to the insurance industry seeing higher sales for hail insurance coverage for this year.

"It's what we're in the business to do: protect crops. (Hail damage) is probably one of the biggest threats farmers have on an ongoing basis” says Bantle.

But hail isn’t the only factor impacting farmer’s crops – tornados,  flooding, wind, insects and disease are also major threats.  The provinces’ canola crops are the most under stress since it’s in the midst of the flowering stage.

"If those crops are under stress due to wet weather and under-developed roots, (the heat) is going to handicap those crops in particular.''


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