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Moe Agostino breaks down his findings

By Diego Flammini,

After 12 states and thousands of miles traveled, the 4th annual Corn Belt Crop Tour wrapped up with an event held at Penta Tillage in Glencoe, Ontario.

About a hundred farmers attended the event, which featured exhibitors showing new products aimed at helping farmers increase yield, discussions on drone technology and where it’s headed, and a summary of the tour’s findings, delivered by Chief Commodity Strategist Moe Agostino.

“Too much moisture is becoming too much of a good thing,” Agostino said. “Rain made grain last year and a month ago but that moisture is doing too much damage to some of the bigger states like Iowa, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio.”

Agostino ranked the states from best to worst in terms of possible yield forecast.

RankStateYield Forecast
1NebraskaAverage - Above Average
6South DakotaAverage
7MichiganAverage - Below Average
8North DakotaAverage - Below Average
9OhioBelow Average
10IowaBelow Average
11IllinoisBelow Average
12IndianaBelow Average

While excessive rain is causing a bulk of the issues in some of the states, the wildfires in Canada are too.

“They were creating a haze in the horizon, blocking the sun and lowering the growing degree days,” he said.

Agostino said that as a result of the damage done by the rains, commodity prices could be expected to rise.

Join the conversation and tell us your thoughts about the Corn Belt Crop Tour’s findings. Will you have to change any of your future plans as a result?

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