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Father’s Day Q&A with Shawn Jacula

Father’s Day Q&A with Shawn Jacula

Jacula has a one-year-old daughter named Lennie

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

With Father’s Day this weekend (don’t forget!), is connecting with some dads in the ag sector to participate in a Q&A about fatherhood, its best parts and to share some advice for new dads.

Shawn Jacula (SJ) is a wheat, canola and barley farmer out of Vermilion, Alta.

Together with his wife, Bethany, they have a one-year-old daughter named Lennie.

“Lennie is a smart determined little girl who loves the outdoors,” Jacula told “Every day she discovers something new and is proud to show it off.” Describe where you were when you found out you were going to be a dad. How did it make you feel?

SJ: For me finding out we were expecting didn’t really ‘hit me’. There were points along the journey (ultrasounds, etc.) where it started to sink in. Describe the feeling of holding a newborn for the first time.

SJ: Surreal. My wife’s first words when we held her was “we made this!”, with a slight tone of surprise but mostly extreme joy. What’s the best part about being a farm dad?

SJ: So far it has been the flexibility, seeing Lennie is playing outside as I pass by the yard allowing me to stop by so she can show me her favourite rock she found that day.

Shawn and Lennie
Shawn and Lennie Jacula What’s the hardest part about fatherhood?

SJ: The hardest part of being a farm dad so far I am finding is the lack of schedule.  Never know what the weather will do or how the growing and trucking season will go so it’s hard to commit to things.  We enjoy the time as a family together when we can. What’s a misconception people have about fatherhood?

SJ: I’m too new to comment on that, haha! What is your dad’s name? What’s a special memory you have with him?

SJ: My parents are Jean & Dean Jacula. They instilled the importance of hard work.  Although they have 7 other grandchildren, this is the first one on the farm so it has brought new excitement to all our days and has truly been a reminder of how important each day is. How has parenthood changed you?

SJ: I’m trying to slow down. Running multiple businesses, I am always on the go, but it’s more important to pretend to eat the meal she delivers to me at the home office than answer a call I can deal with later. What’s one piece of advice you have for new dads?

SJ: As someone who is extremely organized, I would say acceptance.  Accept your little one may nap later than planned so you may be a bit late, accept that the toys you just put away will be scattered across the living room floor in minutes.

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