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Getting standing water out easily with an innovative bucket

Getting standing water out easily with an innovative bucket

Water from a well or sump pump goes Up The Hatch

By Braxten Breen Cool Tools Intern

Sometime filling a bucket can be tricky if you cannot tip the bucket to fill it.  Examples include when you are trying to empty water from a ditch, irrigation, a well, or a sump pump.  Sometimes it can be a struggle working in a confined area, with depth and reach, water flow, or even safety concerns when filling a bucket.  It can be frustrating.   

Steve Glenn, the founder of Twistedvise has a perfect solution for those tricky chores around the farm with the “Up The Hatch” submersible bucket. 

It starts with a standard polyethylene constructed steel handle bucket, except that with Up The Hatch bucket a farmer can place the bucket in still water by pushing the bucket into the water, which then captures the water from beneath.  

The bucket has 32 holes in it that allow the bucket to capture water from underneath, where the captured water then forces the thin lower seal down to keep the water inside. While the upper seal protects the thin lower seal below it. 

Here are three ways we think Up The Hatch could benefit a farmer: 

  • Efficient Water Collection: 
         -     Quickly collect water by saving time and energy in one direct motion. Rather than having to tilt the bucket with multiple motions. 
  • Clean Water Intake: 
         -     Collecting water from below will help reduce capturing of debris, sediment, and contaminants, improving the water quality for usage. 
  • Versatility:
         -     It can serve multiple purposes such as irrigation, animal husbandry, cleaning and any other purpose farmers will find. 

Up The Hatch comes in 1 gallon, 2 gallon, or a 3.5 gallon bucket sizes.  

Watch the video below to see this innovative and practical bucket in use. 

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