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Giving thanks at Thanksgiving

Giving thanks at Thanksgiving

Western Canadian farmers mentioned family and technology as important aspects of their lives

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

This weekend, people across the country will spend time with family and friends during Thanksgiving celebrations.

Before sitting around a dinner table surrounded by delicious food, many people will take a moment to give thanks to the people and things that have helped make 2019 a memorable and successful year.

With that at top of mind, thought it appropriate to reach out to some farmers in Western Canada to find out what they are thankful for this year.

Some farmers – like Jill Burkhardt, a beef and cash crop producer from Gwynne, Alta. – appreciate the tools they have at their fingertips.

 “I’m obviously very grateful for my family, like everybody is,” she told “But on the farm, I’m really thankful for the technology we have available to us. A lot of what we do wouldn’t be possible without technology. Because it was so wet, we did aerial fungicide applications and other stuff we normally wouldn’t do because it was an option for us to do so.

“We’re a fifth-generation farm and, if I try to think back 100 years ago, the farmers then may not have gotten a crop at all. I think technology is something we take for granted sometimes.”

Other producers are simply thankful for the lives they lead.

Blaine McLeod is part of a fourth-generation family dairy and cash crop farm in Caronport, Sask., and that’s all he needs.

“I’m thankful to have a family that loves me and that I get to wake up and work with my wife every day,” he told “What could be better than that?”

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at!

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