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Grain declaration changes

Grain declaration changes

Alberta producer groups remind farmers of changes for the upcoming crop year

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Team Alberta representatives want farmers to understand the updates to the grain declaration process. Alberta Barley and Wheat Commissions, Alberta Pulse Growers and Alberta Canola are all contributing to this effort.

Ward Toma, the general manager of Alberta Canola, is helping producers navigate the change.

I have received “a few phone calls from farmers. They say they've noticed this is new and ask what's it all about. So, (Team Alberta) needed to get the news out and make people aware that this is what's going on,” said Ward.

While grain declaration in Canada is not new, the Canadian Grain Commission’s regulation of it is. This year is the first one all grain needs to be declared. This change comes in the wake of the implementation of the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA), said Toma.

CUSMA “called for an arrangement that would allow for grain from the United States to come into Canada. Because of the different grading service systems between the two countries, (officials) needed to find an arrangement that would allow someone delivering grain into Canada to declare that it was eligible to be graded in Canada,” Toma told

Farmers across Canada can expect to have the declaration of eligibility for delivery of grain form from the Canadian Grain Commission attached to, or as part of, their grain contracts, said Toma.

This process “might look different depending on the grain contract and the company that you're dealing with,” he said.

Team Alberta representatives want farmers to know what they’re signing and the conditions of their grain. If producers have questions or concerns, they can talk with a representative of one of the farm groups, their grain buyers or the Canadian Grain Commissions, said Toma.

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