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Historic Ontario Cheese Factory Destroyed in Fire

Plans to Rebuild St. Albert Cheese Factory Lost in Fire

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After a devastating fire that broke out Sunday morning at St. Albert cheese factory destroying the building, there is talk of rebuilding the plant.

The fire broke out and spread through the two older buildings of the factory and it took nine fire departments from around the area to control the blaze, which could be seen up to 15 kilometres away.

There were no reported injuries and the cause of the fire is still known. It’s expected that investigators will be monitoring the scene for several days.

The general manager of the cooperative, Rejean Ouimet says that there are already plans to rebuild starting in September.

The historic cheese factory cooperative that’s been around since 1894 is considered a landmark in the community of about 500 which is located 45 minutes east of Ottawa.

The cheese factory is owned by 50 producers and employs more than 60 people who all play a major role in the cooperatives success. The co-operative owns another plant in Mirabel, Quebec.


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