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House committee advances farm bill with Miller's provisions


The House Agriculture Committee advanced the Farm, Food, and National Security Act of 2024, with a bipartisan vote. Congressman Max Miller (OH-07) played a key role, securing the passage of the bill and incorporating amendments from his Farm to Fly Act.

"A strong Farm Bill is crucial for our farmers and consumers," said Congressman Miller. He commended Chairman Thompson's leadership and collaboration with stakeholders. 

One of Congressman Miller's victories was the inclusion of provisions from his Farm to Fly Act. This amendment aims to bolster U.S. energy resources, potentially impacting food production costs.

The Congressman also highlighted the vital work of Ohio State University, particularly the Wooster Campus, in advancing agricultural technology and innovation.

Miller collaborated with his Agriculture Advisory Council, composed of Ohio farmers, to craft priorities reflected in the Farm Bill.

These priorities include:

  • Strengthening farm safety nets and crop insurance

  • Expanding trade opportunities

  • Supporting animal health

  • Encouraging job training and nutrition education 

  • Making food more affordable for Americans

The Farm Bill also incorporates additional initiatives championed by Congressman Miller:

  • Food Supply Chain Capacity and Resiliency Act - Focuses on strengthening the food supply chain and lowering consumer food costs.

  • Mechanization and Automation Accelerated Research Act - Promotes research on advanced technologies to improve agricultural efficiency and potentially lower consumer prices.

  • Training and Nutrition Stability Act - Incentivizes workforce training programs for SNAP beneficiaries.

This Farm Bill signifies a significant step towards supporting American agriculture and consumers. Congressman Miller's efforts highlight the importance of collaboration between legislators, farmers, and research institutions in shaping a robust food system.

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