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Indigo Ag partners with U.S. grains council for greener farming


Indigo Ag, a company recognized for its innovative approaches to sustainable agriculture, has recently joined the U.S. Grains Council (USGC). The partnership underscores Indigo Ag’s ongoing efforts to leverage science and technology for more sustainable and profitable farming practices. 

Since 2013, Indigo Ag has established itself as a leader in agricultural sustainability, focusing on four core principles. The company is committed to assisting farmers in improving their profitability and the health of their soil, recognizing that soil health is a critical factor in sustainable agriculture.  

In addition, Indigo Ag strives to improve the availability, quality, and traceability of food for consumers, ensuring that the food supply is both reliable and of high quality. 

A significant part of Indigo Ag's mission is to protect the environment. This involves initiatives aimed at reducing and capturing greenhouse gases, in line with global efforts to combat climate change.  

Promoting sustainable land management practices forms a crucial aspect of this endeavor. Lastly, Indigo Ag is dedicated to generating long-term value for its shareholders, demonstrating that environmental stewardship can be economically sustainable. 

The company's membership in the U.S. Grains Council represents a strategic move to broaden its impact in promoting sustainable agricultural practices. This collaboration will enable Indigo Ag to further its objectives and contribute to transforming the agricultural sector into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industry. 

Indigo Ag's partnership with the USGC highlights the critical role of innovative agricultural companies in driving the industry towards sustainability. Through this collaboration, Indigo Ag will continue to develop solutions that are beneficial for farmers, consumers, the environment, and shareholders, promoting a more sustainable future for agriculture. 

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