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Innovation in Baling: KUHN VB 560

Innovation in Baling: KUHN VB 560

New 5x6 Round Baler with Advanced Features for Optimal Baling 

By Ryan Ridley

KUHN has recently expanded its product line with the introduction of the VB 560, a 5x6 round baler designed to enhance efficiency and productivity in the field.  

Derek Quies, product manager at KUHN told that this addition underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and quality. 

The VB 560 sets itself apart with a unique twin tensioning arm system, a feature not commonly found in balers.  

This system enables the baler to produce bales with superior densities and perfectly square edges. 

One of the standout features of the VB 560 is its flexibility in handling a variety of crops.  

From dry hay and corn stalks to silage, this baler is equipped to manage different materials thanks to its three intake options: the TwinCharge, the OptiFeed, and the OptiCut.  

These options allow you to tailor the baler's operation to the specific needs of the crop, ensuring optimal performance. 

Durability is a key aspect of the VB 560, which comes silage-ready and is built to withstand the harsh conditions often encountered on the farm.  

The baler features endless belts, heavy-duty chains, bearings, and rollers, making it robust enough to handle your needs. 

“[The baler also] features the 21.5L standard tire which is very common in North America,” adds Quies. 

This baler reflects KUHN’s Commitment to providing solutions that meet the evolving challenges of agriculture. 

To see this unit up close, watch the below video. 

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