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Jaiden Champions Farm Safety in Brother's Memory

By Jean-Paul McDonald

Seven years ago, tragedy struck Jaiden Boomsma's family when her younger brother, Jaxon, was fatally injured in a tractor accident on their grandparents' farm. This heartbreak led the Boomsma family to establish a memorial in Jaxon's honor to advocate for farm safety and prevent similar incidents. 

Jaiden, a student-athlete at South Dakota State University (SDSU), has found solace and strength in track and field, where she excels in sprints and the long jump.  

The sport provides her with a refuge from her grief and a platform to honor her brother. "Every time I win, I sit there and think, this is for you, Jaxon," Jaiden shared. 

Her academic journey at SDSU, particularly a class on marketing for non-profits, has significantly shaped her advocacy.  

For a project, Jaiden created a TikTok video during National Farm Safety and Health Week, sharing her personal story and the objectives of the Jaxon Liam Boomsma Memorial.  

The video achieved viral success, receiving over 233,000 views and 31,000 likes, significantly boosting awareness and support for farm safety. 

The memorial also promotes the book "Staying safe on the farm with Jaxon," developed by Jaiden and her siblings with their Aunt Mary Boomsma. The book and Jaiden's outreach efforts have made a considerable impact, with the video helping to spread their message far and wide. 

As she prepares to graduate with a degree in business economics and looks forward to competing in the Summit League championships, Jaiden plans to continue her advocacy. She aims to pursue a career as a financial advisor while maintaining her commitment to farm safety education. 

Jaiden's journey from profound loss to impactful advocacy illustrates her resilience and dedication to making a difference in the community.  

"I am so blessed to say Jaxon has been my motivation to push through adversity with a smile. He is my motivation for all my accomplishments and growth, on and off the track," Jaiden concludes. 

Jaiden's full story and her advocacy work are detailed on the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety’s Storytelling page

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