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John Deere adds three forage harvesters for 2023

John Deere adds three forage harvesters for 2023

Models 9500, 9600, and 9700 self-propelled forage harvesters are released to meet the needs of contractors, customer harvesters, and dairy and livestock producers.

By Andrew Joseph,; Image by John Deere

Deere and Company is adding three forage harvesters to its 2023 John Deere 9000 Series lineup:  the self-propelled 9500, 9600, and 9700.

Each model will feature a new JD18X 18L engine that does not require DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) providing the harvesters with 13 percent more efficiency, increasing its reliability with a 750-hour service interval, and lowering the cost of ownership.

The HarvestMotion Plus engine technology creates a torque-rise curve, allowing a lower engine rpm while increasing power to navigate difficult harvesting operations but still allowing the operator to maintain crop quality.

“John Deere expanded the horsepower offerings for our wide-body forage harvesters that include the 9500 to 9900 models to provide improved performance and made updates to maximize machine uptime and reduce the cost of operation,” stated Chase Milem, Marketing Manager with John Deere. “Customers now have more choices than ever when it comes to selecting a new John Deere forage harvester.”

The 9000 Series also has a new spout that reduces plugging when chopping sticky high-moisture corn or forages. These spouts will provide better operator visibility while unloading and boost machine reliability compared to older models.

He added: “The ideal performance characteristics of the John Deere engine decrease fuel consumption and is perfectly aligned and synchronized for outstanding crop flow through the machine.”

Operators may purchase the 9000 Series with either the John Deere Premium or XStream KP kernel processors, which are designed to deliver higher processing scores regardless of cut length.

Additional features include:

  • Fully integrated AutoTrac RowSense guidance;
  • Active Fill Control with rear unloading;
  • Generation 4 Universal Display;
  • HarvestLab 3000 provides on-the-go constituent sensing and documentation.

“Contractors and custom harvesters will appreciate the constant maximum throughput these forage harvesters provide, along with a cab that features enhanced operator visibility and comfort,” summed up Milem. “Reliability, low cost of operation, increased quality of completed work, minimized daily maintenance requirements and reduced total fluid consumption were key improvements John Deere made that will benefit customers."

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