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John Deere introduces new tractor models

5E and 5ML models

By Diego Flammini,

John Deere is continuing to push the envelope and keep up with customer demands, this time by introducing two newer tractor models – the 5E and 5ML Series.

These four-cylinder tractor lines come packed with power and versatility.

“We've taken our popular, market-proven 5 Series Utility Tractor lineup and added new models that make it even easier to perform more jobs on the property or around the farm, ranch or orchard," says Brad Aldridge, 5 Series product marketing manager for John Deere. "These versatile 5E and 5ML Tractors combine durability with value and are the perfect choice for many types of customers."

The 5E Series can be used for feeding livestock, haying, even roadside mowing and property maintenance.

THey come in 85 and 100 engine horsepower configurations and are powered by John Deere PowerTech 4045 diesel engines. The tractors are able to lift more than 3,000 pounds in the rear and more than 3,500 pounds at full front loader height.

"Although performance is the bottom line, we also made a number of ergonomic improvements to promote easier, smoother operation," Aldridge said. "Other design features make the 5E easier to maintain, which maximizes uptime."

Operators of the 5E can switch gears in the touch of a button and will have more than 3.6 feet of extra visibility because of the tractor’s raised platform and sloped hood.

John Deere logo

Along with the 5E tractors, John Deere also introduced the 5ML series.

"The 5ML Tractors are available in two models, the 100 engine horsepower 5100ML and 115 horsepower 5115ML," says Ruben Peña, senior marketing representative, John Deere Augusta. "These low-profile M machines feature an open operator station, low-profile seat and ROPS, and sloping hood for improved visibility when operating under trees and in low buildings."

The 5ML tractors come with a backlit LCD panel that makes managing performance easier even in the brightest of conditions, fuel tank guards and an SCV oil spillage collection.

Tell us your thoughts about John Deere’s new line of tractors. Would you consider purchasing one for your farm?

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