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Kioti introduces new products at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

New tractors and UTVs available to farmers

By Diego Flammini,

Part of what makes Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show a must-attend for farmers is that many vendors introduce new products – Kioti is one of those vendors.

Four new Kioti products were introduced at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show: the Mechron UTV (Ultimate Terrain Vehicle), the RX Series, DK10 Series and CK10 Series of tractors.

Kioti CK10 Series Tractor

(Kioti CK10 Series Tractor)

Standard features of the CK10 Series include:
-    Ranges from 25 – 40hp
-    Common Rail Diesel Engine helps improve fuel efficiency
-    Single-lever joystick for front loader usage returns to neutral when released
-    Clearance of 13.4 inches makes working on uneven ground easier
-    There are six tractors in the series

Kioti DK10 Series Tractor

(Kioti DK10 Series Tractor)

The DK10 Series of tractor, which replaces the DS model comes fully equipped, but still allows the farmer to customize the tractor to their preferences.

“It’s offered in a base value tractor that you can build up to your liking,” said Ronald Wilkie, Kioti’s Eastern Canada Territory Manager.

Some components of the DK10 Series tractors are brand new.

“Brand new engine and brand new chassis,” Wilkie said. “It’s an eight transmission. Eight forward gears and eight reverse gears. Huge space with step-thru design.”

Kioti RX Series Tractor

(Kioti RX Series Tractor)

Kioti’s utility tractor, the RX Series, comes in a horsepower range from 66hp to 73hp. The Turn Assist Control allows the engine’s rpm to drop by 10% automatically when turning sharply. It can lead to more precise work and better fuel consumption.

The new UTV, the Mechron, comes with 2-row seating capable of transporting four people at once. With a payload capacity of more than 1,000lbs, the Mechron can handle a multitude of heavy operations.

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Check back often as will continue to bring you the latest news from Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

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