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Kubota launches all-new LX Series tractors

Kubota launches all-new LX Series tractors

The lineup consists of the LX2610SU, LX2610 and the LX3310

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Kubota has added three tractors to its compact tractor lineup.

The new LX Series bridges the gap between the brand’s B and L Series compact tractors.

The lineup consists of the entry-level LX2610SU open station and the LX2610 and LX3310. The latter models can be purchased with an open station or cab configurations.

The 2610 models have around 25 horsepower (18.5 kW) and the 3310 comes equipped with 31 hp (23 kW). The compact size allows operators to use a 60- or 72-inch mid-mount mower easily, but the tractors are also strong enough to operate a front loader with a lift capacity of over 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms).

“The tractors are the perfect fit for both size and maneuverability,” Sean Adams, product manager at Kubota Canada, told “It bodes really well for residential customers but also has that power to make it a good fit for the commercial market as well.”

Some of the highlights of this series will help owners who live in cold climates.

The tractors come with several features designed to keep operators warm and safe during winter operations.

“The cab models come with the Canadian cab as standard,” Adams said. “That includes a rear wiper, LED lights on the front and back, a standard defogger on the back and side windows, and an overall emphasis on operator comfort.”

The tractors in the LX Series also come equipped with Goodyear R14 crossover tires. Kubota and Titan, which manufacturers Goodyear farm tires, reached an exclusivity agreement last year, so only Kubota tractors feature these tires.

Operators can opt for a larger tire as well if they prefer a more aggressive stance on the tractor, Adams said.

Anyone interested in purchasing a new Kubota LX Series tractor can do so on the company’s website or visit a dealer.

Dealers are implementing physical distancing measures to ensure a safe shopping experience, Adams said.

“Sales people are ready to engage with customers and every precaution is being taken with the COVID-19 situation in mind,” he said.


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