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Man flips 1600kg Valmet tractor over with his bare hands

Video shows Finnish man completing the feat

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

Mankind has been lifting heavy objects since the beginning of time and an online video shows a man using a tractor to provide weight resistance.

In the 1995 video, then 46-year-old Jaako Pessinen, a Finnish lumberman, drives a Valmet 33 tractor in place.

After parking the tractor, Pessinen approaches the 1600kg (3527lbs) tractor and tries to lift it, using one of the rear tires to secure his grip.

He gets the rear wheel off of the ground with relative ease, but after a few attempts to re-grip the tire and flip the tractor over, he puts it back on the ground.


The video quickly cuts to a shot of Pessinen’s back as he stands ready to try again.

He again gets the rear wheel of the tractor off the ground and slips his hands underneath the tire to get a better grip.

With a few grunts, he powers through and leaves the tractor flipped on its side.

Before the video fades out, Pessinen is seen bent over and panting heavily from the lift.

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