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Maximus among the finalists for Product of the Year at the 2016 World Pork Expo

QMA Electronics, a Quebec-based company that markets the state-of-the-art Maximus automated farming management system, gets exceptional visibility. This Saint-Hubert SME is a finalist in the prestigious “Product of the year” category at the 2016 World Pork Expo, the world’s largest pork-specific trade show in North America, which was held in Des Moines, Iowa on June 8-10.

Because of its new Positive-Pressure Ventilation feature, Maximus is now among the best innovations of 2016. ?We are very proud of this nomination not only because of the resulting visibility but also for what it says about our company. We have developed this functionality to meet the demands of our customers. And this translates perfectly our philosophy: team up with producers to improve the performance of their facilities and the well-being of their animals”, said André Spilmann, Maximus engineer and executive chairman.


The positive-pressure feature ensures animal health protection by reducing the risk of air contamination. It is as easy to use as all other Maximus functionalities thanks to the intuitive software that allows authorized users to quickly adjust temperature and static pressure data, and monitor in real time, from their smart phone or tablet, what is happening in their farm.

About Maximus

Invented in Quebec, the Maximus control system was brought to market in 2012. It combines monitoring and task automation equipment with the newest mobile digital technologies to contribute to the well-being of animals, increase the performance of facilities, and provide greater freedom to producers. Hence, the Maximus system allows to manage, remotely and in real time, a large number of settings such as ventilation, air quality, lights, energy consumption, and animal feeding and weighing. The system can also control access and implement biosecurity measures. Using various scalable solutions, the Maximus system meets hog, poultry and dairy producer needs, in a personalized way.

Learn more about the Maximus System at the Pols Ltd booth at the Ontario Pork Congress.

 Stratford, June 22-23 Community Center - Booth B83   ? 905.899.3621

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