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Millions of people participated in Canada’s Agriculture Day

Millions of people participated in Canada’s Agriculture Day

The day held the top trending spot for 15 consecutive hours

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Canada’s Agriculture Day proved to be a success, new data says.

On Feb. 15, while Canada’s ag sector had the spotlight, online engagement reached more than 135 million people.

For context, Mexico’s population in 2022 was 127.5 million people.

In addition, the hashtag #CdnAgDay trended number one on Twitter for 15 straight hours and remained trending for 38 total hours.

"We are thrilled to see such incredible engagement and participation from Canadians across the country," John Jamieson, president and CEO of the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI), said in a statement. "This year's impressive reach and social media presence reflects the importance and appreciation of Canadian agriculture and the need to continue to celebrate and promote it."

Agriculture More Than Ever started Canada’s Ag Day in 2016 to recognize the work of all those who help produce the food that Canadians and people around the world eat.

In 2021, the CCFI assumed leadership of Ag More Than Ever and has promoted Ag Day each year since.

No date has been set for Canada’s Agriculture Day celebrations in 2024 yet.

But the Canadian ag sector can bet it’ll be in February.

In 2020, Canada’s Ag Day was Feb. 22. The following year the celebrations took place on Feb. 23. And in 2022 the day fell on Feb. 22.

Anyone interested in revisiting some of the messages shared on Canada’s Agriculture Day can search the hashtag #CdnAgDay on Twitter and other social media channels.

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